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What is AlchemyAi

What is the project about?

Alchemy AI uses artificial intelligence to help users improve their trading habits by analyzing their historical trades. Alchemy AI runs these trades against historical data and shows traders where improvements could have been made and where mistakes could have been avoided.

What makes your project unique?

Alchemy AI uses a unique approach to help traders learn on the fly. There is no need to understand complex models or technical analyses. Alchemy is for anyone and can be used by everyone.

History of your project.

ACOIN was the first every "Lock Up" launch on Kucoin.

As AI technologies become more popular Alchemy Ai has seen a surge in interest and has hired new leadership to work towards the original goals of Alchemy Ai as well as much more.

What’s next for your project?

The next stage of Alchemy AI will be to analyze live data and help traders make better decisions with their current trades. Alchemy will use predictive modeling to show the user what may or may not happen and the best strategies to use in each scenario.

What can your token be used for?

ACOIN is a limited supply ERC20 token with a 1% burn rate. ACOIN is used to power the Alchemy AI. Users must be holding a threshold amount of ACOIN in order to access the full features of Alchemy.

ACOIN contract address: 0xB62D46A21fef0fADb5b92fC5eF7077E71e65631c

AlchemyAi vs Stoic

It's almost impossible to predict which cryptocurrency will eventually emerge as the leader.

There is no guarantee that In 5 years, ACOIN would still even exist. Another faster and cheaper blockchain might capture the majority of developers, users, and capital. Or some critical failure of ACOIN might derail its progress.

Because the probability of guessing the winner is low, it's better to use a portfolio approach and buy all possible contenders, including ACOIN.

Stoic builds a portfolio by using hedge fund-grade quantitative research and AI to build a portfolio of crypto assets.

The algorithm analyzes price data, returns, volatility, correlations, and other factors to identify coins that are likely to go up. It then rebalances the portfolio daily to cut losses early and take profits regularly. Stoic is a great alternative to researching coins and trading manually.

Over 12,000 people already use Stoic to automate their crypto investing.

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