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What is Abelian

What is the project about?

Abelian is a Layer 1 Blockchain system which is quantum resistant and privacy preserving. By quantum resistant, Abelian’s cryptographic systems can defend against attacks launched by the future powerful quantum computers. By privacy preserving, Abelian has the privacy coin ABEL, which can be used with full privacy, privacy with accountability, or privacy in the pseudonymous level.

What makes your project unique?

This is the world’s first Blockchain system which is both post-quantum and privacy-preserving. In addition, the security and privacy assurance of Abelian are both mathematically proven secure. This is also the world’s first provably secure Blockchain system with its security and privacy being both mathematically reduced to some well-known quantum-resistant hard problems.

Abelian’s lattice-based post-quantum cryptosystems are based on CRYSTALS-Dilithium and Kyber, both have been chosen by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as in the first batch of post-quantum cryptographic (PQcrypto) national standards. This symbolizes the mass adoption of these PQcrypto primitives by the federal agencies and the rest of the world for replacing existing elliptic curve cryptosystems.

History of your project.

Genesis block was created on 17 Apr 2022 12:23:20 GMT

Evidence can be found from the Network Explorer:

What’s next for your project?

Opensource by end of 2023

Migration from PoW to PoS by end of 2024

What can your token be used for?

Store of Value, Gas

Abelian vs Stoic

It's almost impossible to predict which cryptocurrency will eventually emerge as the leader.

There is no guarantee that In 5 years, ABEL would still even exist. Another faster and cheaper blockchain might capture the majority of developers, users, and capital. Or some critical failure of ABEL might derail its progress.

Because the probability of guessing the winner is low, it's better to use a portfolio approach and buy all possible contenders, including ABEL.

Stoic builds a portfolio by using hedge fund-grade quantitative research and AI to build a portfolio of crypto assets.

The algorithm analyzes price data, returns, volatility, correlations, and other factors to identify coins that are likely to go up. It then rebalances the portfolio daily to cut losses early and take profits regularly. Stoic is a great alternative to researching coins and trading manually.

Over 12,000 people already use Stoic to automate their crypto investing.

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